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The casino dealers and muses return to the playa in 2005

Spin 'til You Win and Xanadu return to the playa to bring Burning Man participants 24 hours of addictive gambling and lazy behavior. This new improved combination of muses and dealers will provide plenty of fun and trouble to be had by all.

Stretch beyond your knowledge and experience!

Draw something esential and critical from each encounter. No matter how long the liason, the impact on each other's life is momentous.

Clean Up Plan

Everyone in our camp adheres to the strict leave no trace policy. We will be packing out everything that we bring in. The only impact that we plan to have on the playa will be securing our public shade structures and personal tents using standard rebar methods. Aside from that, the majority of our camp will stay through Monday to remove all rebar, trash and misc articles that we find in or near our area. I also personally plan to organize a group to sweep the open playa and streets for a couple of hours on Monday before we leave Black Rock.